Key Stage 5 Year 12

AS Biology


Assessment Unit BY1: Basic biochemistry and cell structure (Common Unit)

This unit incorporates the biochemistry and structure which is fundamental to the

functioning of living organisms: structure and function of biological compounds and

enzymes; basic cell structure and organisation; cell division; cell membranes;

membrane transport.


Assessment Unit BY2: Biodiversity and Physiology of Body Systems (Biology)

This unit is intended as an overview of a variety of organisms with the emphasis on the

comparative adaptations.


Assessment Unit BY3: Practical work (Common Unit)

Details given under scheme of assessment. Content based on BY1 and BY2


AS Chemistry


Unit 1

The Language of chemistry, structure of matter and simple reactions.

Written examination: 1hr 30 minutes

20% of qualification


This unit covers:
1.Formulae and equations
2.Basic ideas about atoms
3.Chemical calculations
5.Solid structures
6.The periodic table
7.Simple equilibria and acid base reactions


Unit 2

Energy, rate and chemistry of carbon compounds.

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

20% of qualification


This unit covers:
2.Rates of reaction
3.The wider impact of chemistry
4.Organic compounds
7.Alcohols and carboxylic acids
8.Instrumental analysis



Key Stage 5 Year 13

A2 Biology


Assessment Unit BY4: Metabolism, Microbiology and Homeostasis (Biology)

Unit BY4 involves the study of energy supply in living organisms along with

microbiology and populations; homeostasis and nervous system plus a brief overview of

some adaptations and non mammalian systems.


Assessment Unit BY5: Environment, Genetics and Evolution

(Common Unit )

Unit BY5 involves the study of variation and evolution plus genetics and applications;

ecosystems and energy flow along with human effects on the environment.


Assessment Unit BY6: Practical work (Common Unit)

Details given under scheme of assessment. Content based on BY4 and BY5 but

microscope work could be taken from any unit.

Calibration of microscope using a stage micrometer and eye piece graticule. Use of the

units mm and m. Measurement using microscope. Calculation of the magnification of



A2 Chemistry


Unit 3

Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes

25% of qualification


This unit covers:
1.Redox and standard electrode potentials
2.Redox reactions
3.Chemistry of the p-block
4.Chemistry of the d-block
5.Chemical kinetics
6.Enthalpy changes for solids and solutions
7.Entropy and feasibility of reactions
8.Equilibrium constants
9.Acid-bas equilibria


Unit 4

Organic chemistry and analysis

Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes

25% of qualification


This unit covers:
3.Alcohols and phenols
4.Aldehydes and ketones
5.Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
7.Amino acids, peptides and proteins
8.Organic synthesis and analysis


Unit 5

Practical examination

10% of qualification


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